DAK Americas LLC, An Alpek Polyester Business

At Alpek Polyester, we are proud of our past, excited about the present and preparing for the future. Our story is one of growth and leveraging opportunities through strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, and expansions. More importantly, our story is about improving people’s lives through our products, innovations, and a commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Alpek Polyester is a global leader in the production of PTA (Terephthalic Acid), PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Resins and PET Recycling (rPET), Specialty Polymers; Polyester Fibers (Staple and Filament). This integrated business services customers all over the world using its global network of manufacturing entities including DAK Americas, LLC.


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2020 Climate Registered Platinum


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DAK Americas LLC, An Alpek Polyester Business

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