Advisory Services

TCR advises organizations of all sectors on reporting, verifying, and managing GHG emissions. We offer this support through a variety of services, uniquely tailored to allow businesses, nonprofits, utilities, and government entities to make significant strides in lowering their carbon footprints.


Third-party verification ensures that our members’ GHG inventories are accurate and complete, and that data reported to TCR is consistent and transparent. This step provides assurance that the publicly-available emissions reports represent a faithful, true and fair account of GHG emissions.

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TCR provides consulting services for the specialized needs of our stakeholders. From large corporations to local, state, or international government agencies to small businesses and nonprofits, we can help on how to start measuring and managing your GHG emissions for voluntary or mandatory reporting programs. These services are available both to current TCR members and on an a-la-carte basis.

Check out some examples of programs and projects TCR has consulted on in the past.

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We can help you on your road to net zero! Whether you are just starting to think about setting a GHG reduction or net-zero goal, or you have already achieved your interim targets, TCR can help you accelerate your climate ambition. With goal-setting services provided to our members, and our new Net-Zero Portal, there are opportunities for any organization to promote and improve their sustainability targets and pledges. Contact us for more information on how TCR can help you achieve your sustainability goals and targets.

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