Demonstrate your Achievements in GHG Reporting and Reduction

TCR has two programs, Climate RegisteredTM and Water-Energy Leaders, to recognize our members who are leaders in GHG reporting and emissions reduction. These programs aim to promote and highlight the exceptional work that our members are doing to reduce their impact on climate change. We want all of our members to not only report their emissions, but to set reduction goals and achieve them!

Climate RegisteredTM Recognition Program

The Climate RegisteredTM  recognition program recognizes the efforts of organizations at all points on the reporting spectrum, from those who have just started to build capacity, to those who exemplify true excellence and leadership in GHG reporting. With 5 tiers of recognition and a wide range of benefits associated with each, Climate RegisteredTM communicates to your constituents that you are committed to taking action on climate change.

Climate RegisteredTM Tiers

Water-Energy Leader Program

The Water-Energy Leader program communicates to your constituents that you are taking action on climate change, starting with the important first step of tracking the GHG emissions connected to the water you deliver, treat, and/or use in your operations.

Water-Energy Leader Tiers


To apply for Climate Registered and Water-Energy Leader status, submit an application to the Help Desk at help@theclimateregistry.org

This application should be completed by TCR members who report to the Carbon Footprint Registry and/or the Water Energy Nexus Registry.

Apply for Climate Registered Status

Layer 1

Frequently Asked Questions

TCR automatically grants Gold status to any member who completes verification of their GHG inventory. All other Climate RegisteredTM recognition levels require an application to verify that you meet the criteria to achieve those levels.

No. Members who report both to the Carbon Footprint Registry and the Water-Energy Nexus Registry may submit one application and simply check the box for “Consider my inventory for Water-Energy Leader status”.

Yes. TCR includes the Gold, Platinum, or All-Star logo in your CRIS report once you have attained that level of recognition.

TCR includes a member’s Climate Registered status on the member’s profile on TCR’s website. Members are also recognized in TCR’s quarterly newsletter. Gold, Platinum, and All-Star members are highlighted on our social media, and Platinum and All-Star members are eligible to participate in a case study to promote their GHG reduction efforts.

TCR provides a media kit for press releases and social media posts.