Demonstrate your Achievements in GHG Reporting and Reduction

TCR has two programs, Climate RegisteredTM Accelerator and Water-Energy Leaders, to recognize our members who are leaders in GHG reporting and emissions reduction. These programs aim to promote and highlight the exceptional work that our members are doing to reduce their impact on climate change. We want all of our members to not only report their emissions, but to set reduction goals and achieve them!

Climate RegisteredTM Accelerator Program

The Climate Registered™ Accelerator Program recognizes the efforts of our members making significant strides in emissions reporting. This program seeks to motivate our members to achieve new heights in emissions reductions and ultimately achieve net-zero emissions. We encourage our members to showcase their efforts in making their organization sustainable and share their stories with others as they continue to progress in their goals. With 4 tiers of recognition and a wide range of benefits associated with each, Climate Registered™ Accelerator communicates to the public that our members are committed to taking action on climate change. 

Climate RegisteredTM Accelerator Tiers

Water-Energy Leader Program

The Water-Energy Leader program communicates to your constituents that you are taking action on climate change, starting with the important first step of tracking the GHG emissions connected to the water you deliver, treat, and/or use in your operations.

Water-Energy Leader Tiers


To apply for Climate Registered and Water-Energy Leader status, submit an application to the Help Desk at help@theclimateregistry.org

Climate Registered Application can be found HERE

This application should be completed by TCR members who report to the Carbon Footprint Registry.

Frequently Asked Questions

TCR members are stepping up to the plate by setting and achieving rigorous targets for reducing their organization’s carbon footprint. We saw a need to recognize those significant achievements and update our program to continue to encourage even further actions toward a sustainable economy. We are ensuring the Climate Registered program is able to recognize and encourage our members as they achieve these more stringent challenges in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions which will now include the recognition of setting and achieving net-zero goals. The new Climate Registered Accelerator recognition program incorporates a new naming convention for the different levels of recognition: Visionary, Champion, Hero, and All-Star. 

With the new Climate Registered Accelerator, status is not tied to a specific emissions reporting year. The criteria to be recognized varies for each recognition level over a five-year period. This will allow members multiple opportunities to achieve a higher recognition level and maintain that level over time. 

Every level of Climate Registered will be required to apply. TCR will no longer automatically award the Climate Registered Gold level of recognition. 

Applications will be accepted throughout the year and we encourage members to stick to the timeline that works best for their organization; however, we recommend submitting your Climate Registered application by December 31 to be acknowledged and recognized at a ceremony during the annual Climate Leadership Conference, held in the spring.

Yes. TCR will be rolling out an improvement to CRIS reports to place logos on public CRIS reports that have attained a Visionary, Champion, Hero, and All-Star. 

The new program begins this year. Those that received a positive verification by 12/31/2023 will receive Climate Registered recognition with the old program.

TCR will include a member’s Climate Registered status and a link to their public report on its list of members’ websites. Members who recently attained a status will be recognized in the newsletter. Both platinum and all-star members will be eligible for a social media campaign and to participate in a case study, member spotlight, or blog post. TCR will publish a list of all members who attain Climate Registered status in our annual impact report. 

Once you have reported your GHG inventories in CRIS and completed the verification process, the application should take no more than one hour, likely less for the lower levels of Climate Registered Accelerator. Higher levels of status will require the gathering of more information, which can take more time.

Yes. Members who report to both the Carbon Footprint Registry and the Water-Energy Nexus Registry will need to apply for each respective program they would like to be recognized for. 


Climate Registered Accelerator Overview