The Climate Registry’s protocols outline best practices for greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and our voluntary compliance-based reporting program requirements. Each protocol is developed by achieving a consensus among industry, environmental, and government stakeholders, and goes through a rigorous public comment period before adoption.

General Reporting Protocol

The General Reporting Protocol (GRP) outlines our GHG accounting policies and required reporting calculation methods for the majority of GHG sources. The GRP was developed through a comprehensive public stakeholder process that included respondents representing industry, environmental non-governmental organizations, regulatory agencies, and consulting firms.

The GRP consists of five core modules, which may be downloaded separately (coming soon), or as a combined document.

Electric Power Sector Protocol

The Electric Power Sector (EPS) Protocol is designed as an appendix to the GRP, and is intended to be used in conjunction with the GRP. It provides important supplemental reporting guidance, additional requirements for the EPS, and sector-specific clarifications.

Local Government Operations Protocol

The Local Government Operations Protocol is designed to provide a standarized set of guidelines to assist local governments in quantifying and reporting GHG emissions associated with their government operations.

Protocol Documents

General Reporting Protocol V3 (05/2019)

Electric Power Sector Protocol (06/2009)

Electric Power Sector Protocol 1.0 Updates and Clarifications (12/2020)

Excel Tool - Electric Power Sector Report 1.3

Oil & Gas Production Protocol (02/2010)

Local Government Operations Protocol (05/2010)

Excel Tool (Standard Inventory Report) - Local Government Operations Protocol

2024 Default Emission Factors (03/2024)

TCR Default Emission Factors Archive