The Climate Registry has developed a number of sector-specific optional guidance documents. These documents and supporting resources may be used in conjunction with TCR’s General Reporting Protocol when reporting to TCR’s corporate voluntary and compliance reporting program.

Draft GHG Reporting Guidance for Small Businesses

TCR’s Draft GHG Reporting Guidance for Small Businesses is a resource designed for small businesses that are committed to reducing their impact on climate change. The Guidance provides customized, step-by-step instructions for building a GHG inventory for a small business, with a focus on the sources and activities that are common to small businesses and an omission of activities typically controlled by larger organizations. The Guidance also includes calculation methodologies for some Scope 3 sources particularly relevant to small businesses, including business travel, employee commuting and shipping.

TCR small business members may use this guidance in conjunction with TCR’s GRP and General Verification Protocol (GVP) when reporting and verifying to our voluntary reporting program.

This Guidance was developed with the generous support of Southern California Edison and the San Diego Foundation, as well as the feedback and input from over 40 small businesses and related non-profits.

Guidance Documents

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Draft GHG Reporting Guidance for Small Businesses

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