Carbon Footprint Registry

The Carbon Footprint Registry is North America’s most trusted GHG reporting program. TCR members have access to this proprietary reporting software, optional third-party verification, best-in-class guidance and tools, help desk, and the Climate Registered™ recognition program.
Reporting your emissions is an important step to addressing your organization’s impact on climate change. These reports will help you benchmark sustainability performance, inform your future decision-making to meet your emissions reduction goals. You will be able to identify reduction opportunities, save on fuel and energy costs, increase efficiency, and prepare for future regulations. These actions will demonstrate your leadership and accountability, as well as build stakeholder and investor trust in your sustainability efforts.
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Why Choose The Climate Registry’s program?

The Carbon Footprint Registry is the only voluntary carbon reporting program that is backed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces. We offer extensive tools and services that make the GHG reporting process easy, streamlined, and transparent for our members. Our facility-level data lets you isolate emission hotspots in your organization so you can take action to manage them. Additionally, our reporting guidance is aligned with international best practices and recognized as a high quality source by government regulators and CDP.

Reporting your Emissions

TCR’s reporting system is an easy-to-use, cloud-based system for measuring, reporting, and verifying your organization’s carbon footprint. Each year the system is audited and updated to reflect changes in international best-practices and the most current emission factors available. Promote your sustainability achievements knowing that your emissions data is the highest quality available.

To learn more about the reporting in the Carbon Footprint Registry and other available services, contact TCR to set up a platform demo at [email protected].

Data Upload & Aggregation

    • Direct spreadsheet upload
    • Data aggregation at facility and entity level

Calculation & Reductions

    • Calculate emissions based on activity data or pre-calculated information
    • Up-to-date and region-specific emission factors audited by TCR
    • Measure emissions in metric tons of GHGs and CO2 equivalent
    • Carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates (RECs), and reductions can be directly applied

Analytics & Reporting

    • Evaluate emissions trends by industry, time period, geographic area, and/or Scope
    • Create 20+ reports available numerically or as graphics
    • Easy export in Excel or PDF formats

Quality Control & Verification

    • Automatic quality assurance flags data entry errors or omissions
    • Third-party verifiers provide findings directly in the reporting platform

User Systems & Workflow

    • Allows for multiple users and levels of permission
    • Dashboard features easy access and emission totals
    • Hands-on help desk support

Tools and Services

  • Guidance and support to help your organization set and achieve ambitious GHG reduction goals.
  • Best practice reporting guidance and sector-specific protocols 
  • Help desk staffed with GHG reporting and verification experts who are available to answer questions and troubleshoot reporting issues.
  • Trainings and tools to support all aspects of measuring and reporting GHGs, including on-site support, webinars, and workshops.
  • Optional 3rd-party verification by a registered verification body to ensure that your data is complete and transparent.

Public Resources

General Reporting Protocol

Guidance on Accreditation

General Verification Protocol v. 2.1

October 2019 Updates and Clarifications to General Verification Protocol v. 2.1

Utility-Specific Emission Factors


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