Carbon Footprint Registry

The Carbon Footprint Registry is a renowned GHG reporting program and the only voluntary carbon reporting program that is backed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

TCR members have access to world-class proprietary reporting software, optional third-party verification, best-in-class guidance and tools, a live Help Desk, and the Climate Registered™ recognition program.

Reporting your emissions is an important step to addressing your organization’s impact and demonstrating leadership on climate change. 

Why Choose The Climate Registry’s program?

TCR’s guiding principle is to inspire, educate, and connect organizations with training, tools, and collaborate with one another so that the TCR community can be a strong positive force in building a healthy future. The Carbon Footprint Registry program offers: 
  • Alignment with international best practices, including WRI GHG Protocol, ISO 14064-1:2018, US EPA Corporate Leadership GHG Inventory Guidance
  • Expertise on a range of climate change related areas, including the design and implementation of GHG tracking and monitoring systems, accreditation training, and advisory on target setting and mitigation pathways.
  • Webinars, Member-Exclusive Calls, and Custom Advisory Services on GHG measurement, reporting, and verification to stakeholders, including protocols, frameworks, and related documents.
  • Partnership and networking opportunities with external and internal stakeholders to collaborate and share ideas to advance climate action.
  • Collaborative development of cutting-edge and sector-specific reporting protocols, resources, guidelines, and tools that advance GHG accounting.

Reporting your Emissions

TCR Membership provides access to our easy-to-use, cloud-based reporting system with a wide range of benefits to facilitate your organization’s credible carbon accounting efforts, including:
  • Dynamic Dashboard – Interactive, business intelligence dashboard which allows users to discover patterns, trends, and anomalies within your data through diverse metrics and easy-to-understand visualizations of their emissions profile. 
  • Live help desk support -TCR’s dedicated help desk is staffed with experienced GHG reporting and verification experts who provide personalized technical support to members. 
  • Reporting Flexibility – TCR provides members with the option to report complete, self-defined, or historical GHG inventories. 
  • Current Emission Factors Up-to-date and region-specific emission factors audited by TCR are automatically applied to our reporting platform, ensuring the accuracy of emissions data.
  • Streamlined Verification Directly submit data and receive findings from third-party verification bodies.
  • Quality Control Automated quality assurance flags for omissions and non-conforming thresholds are embedded within TCR’s reporting platform, facilitating compliant and accurate emissions data.
Contact us to learn more or to set up a platform demo at help@theclimateregistry.org.

Tools and Services

  • Guidance and support to help your organization set and achieve ambitious GHG reduction goals.
  • Best practice reporting guidance and sector-specific protocols 
  • Help desk staffed with GHG reporting and verification experts who are available to answer questions and troubleshoot reporting issues.
  • Trainings and tools to support all aspects of measuring and reporting GHGs, including on-site support, webinars, and workshops.
  • Optional 3rd-party verification by a registered verification body to ensure that your data is complete and transparent.

Public Resources

General Reporting Protocol

Guidance on Accreditation

General Verification Protocol v. 2.1

October 2019 Updates and Clarifications to General Verification Protocol v. 2.1

Utility-Specific Emission Factors


Be a Leader on the Road to Net Zero

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