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2024 Default Emission Factors (03/2024)

Enhance Your Reporting with the Latest Emission Factors

Stay ahead in your greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting with The Climate Registry’s “2024 Default Emission Factors” document, the essential resource for organizations committed to accurate and up-to-date environmental reporting. This latest edition provides the newest default emission factors, reflecting changes in energy components, advancements in emission quantification, and updates from crucial data sources like the U.S. EPA and Canadian standards. Essential for recalibrating base year emissions to reflect these updates, this document is integrated into the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS) to support your emissions calculations. Highlighted changes ensure you can quickly spot adjustments from the previous year, ensuring your GHG reporting remains robust and compliant.

Download your copy today to align your emissions reporting with the latest standards and enhance your organizational accountability in environmental stewardship. Simply fill out the form below to access the most current and comprehensive emission factors available. Enhance your reporting accuracy now!