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Applicant Verification Bodies

Access the Preliminary List: “The Climate Registry Applicant Verification Bodies”

Ensure you are ahead in your compliance efforts by accessing our “The Climate Registry Applicant Verification Bodies” document. This exclusive list presents organizations currently navigating the accreditation process with the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). While these bodies are not yet fully accredited, TCR Members may begin engagements based on their preliminary status, anticipating full accreditation for future verification activities.

Importance of This List for TCR Members:

Choosing to work with an applicant verification body allows TCR members to plan and prepare for their GHG reporting in advance of the verification body’s full accreditation. This proactive approach supports ongoing compliance efforts and ensures that once accreditation is confirmed, your environmental reporting can proceed without delay, maintaining continuity and upholding standards of environmental accountability.

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