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General Reporting Protocol V3 (05/2019)

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Unlock comprehensive GHG reporting insights with the “General Reporting Protocol V3,” meticulously crafted by The Climate Registry. This pivotal document, updated in May 2019, provides robust guidance on GHG accounting policies and calculation methods essential for reporting organizational carbon footprints across multiple jurisdictions. It’s a crucial tool for entities committed to transparent and effective environmental stewardship.

Why You Need This Protocol

The General Reporting Protocol V3 is rooted in broad stakeholder involvement, incorporating over 1,275 comments from industry leaders, NGOs, regulatory bodies, and consulting firms. It integrates the best practices from internationally recognized GHG standards, including the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1, ensuring your reporting aligns with global best practices and supports decision-making for sustainability strategies.

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