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General Verification Protocol for the Voluntary Reporting Program

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Unlock the complexities of GHG verification with our definitive white paper, “General Verification Protocol for the Voluntary Reporting Program: Accurate, Transparent, and Consistent Measurement of Greenhouse Gases across North America.” This guide provides an in-depth look at the structured processes and standards necessary for GHG verification within The Climate Registry’s voluntary reporting framework. The protocol outlines how verification bodies can achieve and demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of GHG data reported by organizations across North America, adhering to international standards and enhancing transparency.

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With climate accountability at the forefront of corporate and governmental agendas, understanding the detailed processes that underpin GHG verification is critical. This white paper not only delineates the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved but also guides verification bodies through the intricacies of ensuring compliance with both The Climate Registry’s standards and international guidelines. It is an invaluable resource for any organization involved in GHG reporting and verification, providing the tools to uphold the integrity of environmental data.

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