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General Verification Protocol Version 2.1

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Dive deep into the latest advancements in greenhouse gas (GHG) verification with our white paper, “General Verification Protocol Version 2.1 Updates and Clarifications.” This essential resource provides comprehensive updates to our verification protocol, reflecting the latest changes in ISO standards and regulatory requirements. It includes vital clarifications to the GHG verification process, ensuring that all verifiers and stakeholders are equipped with the most current guidelines for accurate and transparent GHG measurement across North America.

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Staying updated with the latest verification practices is key to ensuring the integrity and accuracy of GHG reporting. This white paper outlines necessary updates for handling the transfer of accredited verifications, new policy implementations, and adjustments to the General Reporting Protocol (GRP) v.3.0. It serves as an indispensable guide for verification bodies, environmental consultants, and sustainability officers aiming to enhance their expertise in GHG data verification and compliance.

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