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Guidance on Accreditation (May 2008)

Download the “Guidance on Accreditation (May 2008): Accurate, Transparent, and Consistent Measurement of GHGs”

Explore the critical details of GHG reporting with our “Guidance on Accreditation (May 2008)” document. Designed to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and transparency, this guide is indispensable for entities participating in The Climate Registry’s voluntary GHG reporting program across North America. From detailing the requirements for comprehensive entity-wide reporting to the verification processes by approved third-party bodies, this guidance is essential for any organization committed to credible environmental reporting.

Why This Guidance Is Vital for Your Organization:

Adherence to our Guidance on Accreditation ensures that your environmental reports are consistent with international GHG measurement standards and align with best practices for transparency. By complying with our structured accreditation process, your organization can enhance its credibility and demonstrate its commitment to genuine sustainability efforts. This guidance document also serves as a foundation for entities looking to understand the complexities of GHG verification and the operational specifics of the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS).

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