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Guidance on Accreditation

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Grasp the intricacies of The Climate Registry’s Guidance on Accreditation with our comprehensive white paper titled “Accurate, Transparent, and Consistent Measurement of Greenhouse Gases across North America”. This guide delves into the methodologies and standards required for verification bodies to be recognized under the Registry’s accreditation framework. By aligning with international norms and leveraging detailed ISO standards, the white paper provides verification bodies with the crucial steps and standards for accreditation, ensuring the precision and reliability of GHG measurements and reporting.

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This white paper is an indispensable resource for organizations seeking to understand or improve their GHG reporting and verification processes. It details the accreditation criteria, offers insights into managing impartiality, and explains the roles and responsibilities across various parties involved in GHG reporting. For any organization involved in environmental reporting, this guide underscores the practices that will ensure your GHG reports are both credible and compliant.

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Advance your knowledge in GHG verification by downloading “Accurate, Transparent, and Consistent Measurement of Greenhouse Gases across North America.” Just fill out the form below and enhance your expertise in GHG accreditation to uphold and exceed regulatory and global standards in environmental reporting. Equip your team with the knowledge to lead in sustainability and accuracy.