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Local Government Operations Protocol (05/2010)

Empower Your Governance: Harnessing Local Impact on Global Climate Goals

Unlock Insights on Local Government GHG Reporting with Our Newest Guide

The Climate Registry is proud to introduce the latest edition of our pivotal resource, the “Local Government Operations Protocol For the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions inventories.” This comprehensive guide is crucial for local governments striving to establish and enhance their greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories. With precision and clarity, this protocol empowers local entities to meticulously quantify and report GHG emissions, fostering a thorough understanding of their environmental impact and identifying actionable pathways for emission reduction.

This essential tool equips local governments with the means to systematically track and manage their emissions, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and alignment with international standards. By implementing the guidelines outlined in our protocol, local governments can not only meet statutory requirements but also lead by example in the global effort to mitigate climate change.

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