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Oil & Gas Production Protocol (02/2010)

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Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting with our latest publication, “Electric Power Sector Protocol 1.0 Updates and Clarifications (12/2020).” This essential document, provided by The Climate Registry, offers detailed insights and clarifications that enhance transparency and accuracy in GHG data reporting for the electric power sector. As regulations evolve and our understanding of GHG impacts deepens, this updated protocol serves as an invaluable tool for entities involved in electric power generation and distribution.

Gain access to refined calculation methods and reporting standards that reflect the latest scientific knowledge and regulatory requirements. Whether you’re involved in policy-making, GHG reporting, or environmental compliance, these updates are crucial for ensuring that your GHG reporting is both current and comprehensive.

Download your copy now by filling out the form on this page. Enhance your understanding and compliance with the latest standards in GHG reporting for the electric power sector. Stay informed, stay compliant, and contribute to a more sustainable future.