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Updates and Clarifications to General Verification Protocol v. 2.1 (October 2019)

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Stay at the forefront of greenhouse gas (GHG) verification with the newest updates and clarifications to The Climate Registry’s General Verification Protocol v. 2.1. Released in October 2019, this document provides essential insights and guidance adjustments that enhance the integrity and application of GHG reporting. Designed for verifiers, reporters, and environmental managers, this update ensures that your verification processes remain aligned with the latest international standards and practices.

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This update addresses critical aspects of the GHG verification process, incorporating user feedback and recent changes in GHG accounting norms. It focuses on refining verification methodologies, clarifying common uncertainties, and providing practical examples to ensure clear and consistent GHG data reporting. This resource is invaluable for any organization committed to accurately tracking and reporting its environmental impact.

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