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Verifying Water-Related Data Guidance

Enhance Your Reporting with “Verifying Water-Related Data Guidance”

Unlock the potential of precise water management with our latest publication, “Verifying Water-Related Data Guidance.” This essential guide provides detailed methodologies for participants of the Water-Energy Nexus Registry (WEN Registry) to develop and report performance metrics that reflect the emissions intensity of their water and wastewater operations. It outlines the steps for calculating both system average and product-specific performance metrics, crucial for organizations aiming to accurately assess and communicate the environmental impact of their water management processes.

Why This Guidance is Crucial:

For water managers committed to transparency and accountability, this guidance serves as an indispensable tool. It enables the development of verified performance metrics that can be publicly disclosed in the WEN Registry, helping other entities calculate the indirect emissions associated with purchased or consumed water. By adhering to the methodologies presented, organizations can enhance the accuracy of their emissions reporting and contribute meaningfully to broader environmental goals.

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