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Water-Energy Nexus Registry FAQs

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Explore the essential details of the Water-Energy Nexus (WEN) Registry through our comprehensive FAQ guide, designed specifically for stakeholders involved or interested in water and energy management in California. This guide addresses common inquiries about the voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting program that enables participants to measure, track, and mitigate the GHG emissions associated with California’s water systems. Whether you’re a water agency, local government, or a business in sectors like healthcare or hospitality, this FAQ will provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively participate in the WEN Registry and support California’s climate goals.

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Our FAQs delve into the specifics of how and what to report to the WEN Registry, the benefits of participation, and how your organization can be recognized as a leader in managing the water-energy nexus effectively. By joining the WEN Registry, you gain access to free GHG guidance, training, and calculation tools that empower your organization to establish emissions baselines, identify reduction opportunities, and prioritize sustainability efforts.

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