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Water-Energy Nexus Registry Protocol

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Explore the transformative strategies for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting with the “Water Energy Nexus Registry Protocol,” sponsored by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and administered by The Climate Registry (TCR). This detailed protocol offers organizations within California comprehensive guidance on measuring, tracking, and mitigating the GHG emissions associated with the state’s water systems. Aimed at supporting California’s climate goals, the protocol works in conjunction with TCR’s General Reporting Protocol to deliver cross-sector emissions calculation methods, tailored specifically for the water sector.

Why This Protocol Is Crucial For Water-Related Organizations:

For entities involved in the water sector, this protocol provides essential tools for compiling water-related data, quantifying emissions from specific sources within the water sector, and reporting through the Water-Energy Nexus Registry. With this protocol, participants gain insights into performance metrics and receive recognition for their efforts in environmental stewardship. Developed with significant input from water sector stakeholders, this protocol aligns with local resiliency and sustainability objectives.

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