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Water-Related Data Matrix

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Discover the vital role of accurate water data verification with our new resource, “Water Data Matrix for Verification Services.” This matrix serves as a critical reference tool for Verification Bodies (VBs) involved in reviewing water sector performance metrics as reported in the Water-Energy Nexus (WEN) Registry. It provides a structured approach to ensure that the water-related data adheres to the WEN Registry Protocol and aligns with data reported to other regulatory programs. This tool is indispensable for verifying the emissions intensity of water and wastewater deliveries, which are key to calculating the indirect supply chain emissions.

Why This Matrix Is Crucial:

The “Water Data Matrix for Verification Services” aids VBs in conducting thorough reviews of reported performance metrics, ensuring that these metrics meet the stringent standards required for public disclosure in the WEN Registry. By standardizing the verification process, this matrix not only enhances the reliability of reported data but also supports entities in achieving transparent and accountable environmental reporting.

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