The Climate Registry Launches Net-Zero Portal

Innovative online software platform allows companies, organizations, and subnational governments to transparently disclose and track their greenhouse gas reduction goals to reach net zero

COP27 Attendee looks at Net-Zero Portal interactive station.

Los Angeles, CA (February 2, 2023)—The Climate Registry today announced the launch of its innovative Net-Zero Portal, a public, online platform for tracking and comparing net-zero greenhouse gas pledges and pathways. Offered free of charge to its users, the Portal supports international climate ambition and aggressive action by providing a comprehensive platform for organizations to record their net-zero pledges—and, most importantly, the specific plans and pathways that will achieve these goals.

The Portal seeks to be a “big tent” and to collaborate with other net-zero databases in order to make data easily available in one easy-to-use source. Features include the ability for users to update accounts/profiles in real time, see detailed pledge information and learn the best practices of industry peers, and demonstrate transparency about progress toward specific net-zero goals. Participating organizations will also have access to a reference library containing useful guidance and resources related to net zero.

“Citizens and consumers are increasingly demanding more transparency around if and how governmental and nongovernmental organizations alike are planning to reach net zero,” said Amy Holm, Executive Director of The Climate Registry. “I am proud that our Net-Zero Portal allows companies, NGOs, and subnational governments of all sizes and climate ambitions to disclose and track their pledges and pathways. By providing complimentary access to all users, the Portal removes budgetary hurdles for smaller organizations.”

Screenshot of Net-Zero Portal.

“It is important to hold companies and municipalities accountable, and to insist that they make transparent pledges early in the process,” said Mary Nichols, longtime board member of The Climate Registry and member, UN Expert Group on Net-Zero Emissions Commitments. “I am glad The Climate Registry’s Net-Zero Portal will help make net-zero pledges real, by striking the right balance between support and accountability.”

A working group of over 60 diverse international entities were convened to identify the most important information and functionality to include in the Net-Zero Portal platform. The stakeholders in these groups represented a wide variety of entity types, drawn from nonprofits, governmental agencies, corporations, academia, private consulting, and utilities.

“The Climate Registry had a bold vision for what the Net-Zero Portal could be, and it was important to us to engage a diverse group of climate change planning experts in its development,” said Dan Krekelberg, Policy Director of The Climate Registry. “Getting the perspectives of practitioners who we anticipate will use the product was key to delivering a flexible and transparent platform, which will allow users the opportunity to learn and grow in their net-zero journey.”

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