OpenX creates marketplaces where publishers and app developers can monetize their content by connecting with advertisers that value their audiences. It provides the platform (Sell-Side Platform – SSP) that automates the ad buying process to allow potential buyers (Demand Side Platform – DSP) to buy ads and to be served on the publishers’ website through real time bidding. This entire platform, OpenX exchange is hosted entirely on GCP with over 100 billion ad requests every day. It uses Compute Engine to process all the requests, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for creating containers, data to be processed on Dataproc and BigQuery for ad hoc analysis. The primary driver of GCP utilization is the volume of ad requests from publishers and bids from advertisers.

Years of Climate Registered Recognition:

  • 2021 Climate Registered All-Star
  • 2022 Climate Registered All-Star

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