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Beginning with the calendar year 2010, Qualcomm is reporting emissions for our North American facilities. Beginning with the calendar year 2014, Qualcomm is reporting emissions for our global facilities and scope 3 global employee business travel. Qualcomm considers our global 2014 Scope 1 & 2 emissions reported in CRIS to be our “baseline” year. Our FY2020 reporting includes the acquisition of RF360 production facilities and we’ve adjusted our 2014 baseline to include that acquisition, as stated in the company’s public FY2020 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Years of Climate Registered Recognition:

2013-2016 Climate Registered
2017 Climate Registered Gold
2018 Climate Registered Platinum
2019 Climate Registered Platinum
2020 Climate Registered Platinum
2021 Climate Registered Platinum

2022 Climate Registered Platinum

2023 Climate Registered Platinum

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