Sacramento Municipal Utility District

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is the nation’s sixth-largest publicly owned and operated electric utility in terms of customers served. SMUD generates, transmits, and distributes electric power within a 900-square-mile service area in and around the County of Sacramento, California. SMUD owns and operates approximately 2,009 MW of electrical generation resources located in the California Counties of Sacramento, El Dorado, and Solano. SMUD’s electrical generation is comprised of approximately 1,103 MW of natural gas-fired combined cycle, cogeneration, and peaking resources, 673 MW of hydroelectric, 230 MW of wind, and 3 MW of Solar photovoltaic generation. SMUD owns and operates a 76-mile natural gas transmission pipeline serving the cogeneration and fossil generation facilities. SMUD has equity shares in a Northern California transmission line known as the California Oregon Transmission Project (COTP), which is part of the Transmission Association of Northern California (TANC). SMUD also had an equity share in the Rosa Natural Gas Production field in New Mexico. However, in November 2019, SMUD divested from Rosa Natural Gas Production and no longer has an equity share of the facility.

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Sacramento Municipal Utility District